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Hostel Activities


River Tubing

  • We are the first hostel/business to introduce river tubing to Martvili
  • Spend 4-5 hours slowly floating down the Abasha River
  • Enjoy nature, good company, and a relaxing lifestyle
  • The river connects directly behind to the hostel

Potluck Night

  • Family style dinner where everyone cooks a dish to share with others
  • Lots of food. Lots of fun.


  • Edenia is a place where you can go to read a book, relax, or enjoy nature after a long day of exploring Martvili
  • Situated between four trees so that you are the center of the universe
  • At night, you can lean back and see the milky way above your head

Plus Even More Nightly Activities

  • Potluck Night

    Cook a dish to share with others and enjoy a family-style dinner every Sunday.

  • Movie Night

    Every Friday, we project a movie onto our wall for everyone to enjoy. We have popcorns for you movie purist! 

  • Bonfire Night

    On Thursdays, we light up a bonfire so that you can enjoy the crackling of the wood with the symphonies of nature in our back yard

  • Beer Pong Night

    Time to see how good you are at Beer Pong on Saturdays. Do you have what it take to win the hostel trophy? 

  • Board Game & Wine

    Nothing beats a relaxing night of board games...unless you mix it with some wine. See you on Tuesday!

  • Happy Hour 

    We have happy hour every night for you to quench your thirst after a busy day of exploring Martvili